Frequently Asked Questions

Fiesta Bonus Play FAQ

Question: How do I get the WEBwards $20 in Fiesta Bonus Play?

Answer: Visit the website and subscribe to our free e-newsletter. Shortly after you have submitted your valid email address, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Click this link to confirm your new subscription. You must confirm your email address before you can get your bonus play. Within 24 hours, you should receive an email containing your $20 Bonus Play redemption. Print this email and bring it to Club Fiesta to verify your membership and receive your $20 in Fiesta Bonus Play. Remember, you must be 21 or older with a valid photo ID and not under current exclusion. One offer per patron on initial web sign-up and cannot be combined with another offer.

Question: I followed all of the steps above and I still have not received my bonus play.

Answer: Some email systems can take a while to process incoming email, especially services like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail. Please give it some time to process. Some systems will send the bonus play to your SPAM folder. Check in your JUNK, or SPAM folder for the bonus play email?

Casino Myths & Facts

Myth:  If you use your player’s club card the machine will pay back less.

Fact:  There is absolutely no link between the card reader and the Random Number Generator. By not using your player’s club card, you are denying yourself valuable comps, prizes and promotional opportunities.

Myth:  Casinos can loosen or tighten slot machines with the flip of a switch.

Fact:  Not so! The slot machines have a computer chip in them that determines the pay back percentage. These are preset at the factory. In order for a casino to change the pay back, they have to change the computer chip. In most jurisdictions there is paper work that must be filled out and submitted to the State Gaming Control Board for every single machine if the chip is changed. It is time consuming, and the computer chips are very expensive. For this reason, it is more economical to decide on the pay back percentages before purchasing the machines and having them shipped to the casino.

Myth:  A machine that has not been paying is due to hit.

Fact:  There is no way to determine if a machine is due to hit. Each spin is a random occurrence and has no bearing on what has happened previously.

Myth:  Slots are programmed for a designated pay-off cycle. Even though this cycle can contain thousands of spins, once it reaches its end, the outcomes will repeat themselves in the exact same order as the last cycle.

Fact:  False. Each spin is completely random and independent from all previous spins.

Myth:  The machines which are near the doors, entrance/exits and overall heavy traffic areas tend to be “looser” while those in quieter areas tend to be “tight”.

Fact:  There is no correlation between slot placement and the machine payouts.

Myth:  Slot machines are more inclined to be “looser” during slow hours on slow days of the week. On the other hand, when the casino is busy, management tightens up the machines.

Fact:  Casinos try to strike a good balance between being profitable and having players leave the games happy. If the slots are too tight, it’s less likely the player will return to the casino. Management wants machines loose enough to give players what is called “time on device,” meaning they spend enough time on the slot machine to warrant a future return to the casino.


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